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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Paint Contractor.

  1. Is the contractor licensed, insured and carries workman's comp?  Verify at

  2. Does he provide a WRITTEN estimate (rather than a verbal one) with a detailed  description of services to be rendered?

  3. Does the contractor provide a WRITTEN guarantee? Compare length and coverage of guarantee.

  4. What exactly is included in the house preparation? Quality of paint used, experience of the crew (MMP averages 10 years experience), water blasting, scraping and sanding, caulking  entire  house (ask us about this one!).

  5. Primer? We spray then hand brush the primer coat on entire house. No spot priming or short-cuts.

  6. Does company provide overall professionalism?

  7. Does the company have over 30 years mountain paint experience. MMP knows what it takes in this climate to make your paint last.

  8. Does the company specialize in anything? MMP expertise includes Custom Cabinet and Wood Finishes and specialty Faux Finishes.

  9. Does the company offer custom color matching?

  10. Longevity of the company – enduring paint takes an enduring paint contractor.  While others come and go, MMP has proven they are here to stay. 


Mark Hetz is a fourth generation California craftsman painter. Starting as a young boy Mark assisted his grandfather and father with sanding and prepping, then moving on to painting and fine finishing apprenticeships in San Diego and Northern California. Custom color matching and design have become his specialty. Mark’s years of classic hand’s on training, supplemented with a variety of faux finish and antiquing classes has allowed Mark to develop his own unique style of distinctive burnished finishes and one-of-a-kind distressing effects. Lake Arrowhead has been his home for more than 25  years.

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